Life of an Entrepreneur: Dealing with the downers and staying motivated

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Over the last few years I’ve heard dozens of stories of young entrepreneurs who didn’t fit in at school, dropped out, and now run highly successful businesses. No matter how much I felt like these success stories resonated with me, dropping out of college didn’t feel right for me. I’ve really valued my education, and I feel like it has taught me things I never would have known about running a business.¬†

However, I still feel like the “typical” classroom setting has never been a place where I fit in. I remember as a kid my mom would tell me the same old story after every parent-teacher conference: that I spent too much time daydreaming during class. I would be completely lying if I said that still wasn’t the case as a senior in college all these years later.

Don’t get me wrong- I get good grades and participate in my classes, but what sets me apart from my peers is certainly my time spent “daydreaming”.

They Just Don’t Get It

Have you ever been frustrated while talking about your plans or ideas with friends and family? Let’s be honest, it sucks when you’re talking about a business plan, blog, or project¬†that lights you up only to get an “eh” response.¬†

What’s worse is when you go to those same people seeking advice or support and they hit you with the “realist” approach. As much as your friends and family might love you, if they don’t have the same entrepreneurial mindset, their responses are likely going to disappoint.

IMG_6221To fix this dilemma? You have to protect your dreams and goals, and the best way to do this is to keep them to yourself. Of course, if you do have those few people that you trust, feel free to brainstorm with them. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that nobody will be as truly excited about your dreams than you!¬†


Avoiding Unwanted Input


I went through a period of time where I would ask others for their opinion on almost every piece of content I uploaded. The best way to avoid unwanted input is to stop asking for it! Seems pretty¬†simple, right? But for many entrepreneurs starting out, asking for other’s opinions and input is often perceived as a means for getting feedback. Feedback is surely important, especially when it’s coming from people who are already doing what you want to do, or directly from your customer base. But from a friend or peer who doesn’t really understand what you’re doing? Not so much.

It’s important to write your own plans, do your own research, and most importantly, experiment. You’re going to have to start believing in your work if you want to make this happen, so just go for it. Post the picture, promotion, website, blog post etc. and see what kind of response you get from your customers. If it doesn’t do as well as you’d hoped, you now have proof of what you should do more or less of, and what changes to make. If you spend all of your time asking others what they think of your work, you’re placing your potential in their hands, not yours.¬†

If You Believe in Yourself, Others Will Too

89dd2d0b20dfd68b0eb73516f6c53633Many creators, including myself, get discouraged especially when it comes to likes, followers, and website traffic. The number one way to make people take you seriously? Confidence. For example, when I started my blog page, I didn’t tell anyone about it. I didn’t ask for opinions. I kept that energy for myself, and the response I got when my first post went up was incredible! Had I second guessed myself or asked for others input, my content might have been more filtered and less genuine. Moral of the story is, when you show off your work with confidence, people are more likely to respect it.¬†

Another great example of this comes from Cara Alwill Leyba, a favorite author of mine. In her book, Like She Owns the Place: Give Yourself the Gift of Confidence and Ignite Your Inner Magic,¬†she tells the story of when she first quit her full-time job to pursue her personal business full-time. After quitting her job, old coworkers, friends, and peers complimented her on how good she looked, asking what kind of foundation she was wearing and if she had lost weight. As Cara explains, during this time she had actually gained a few pounds, and wasn’t wearing much makeup at all.

I love this story because it proves that beauty and acceptance isn’t a matter of outward appearance. People will perceive you as beautiful simply because of your confident glow, and we should all be wearing that look!

Staying Motivated 

It’s okay to get discouraged or have a bad day- you can’t ignore your emotions. You might have days when you feel totally uninspired. But in the words of Elbert Hubbard, “There is no failure except in no longer trying.”

When I’m feeling uninspired, I try to accept it. Take a bubble bath, watch a good show, and indulge in what makes you happiest. By stressing and forcing yourself to create when you’re not feeling like yourself, you’ll only produce uninspired work. Take some time to listen to your intuition, and you’ll come back feeling more inspired than ever.

To get the creative juices flowing again, invest some time into your creative side. Read, watch, and listen to other creators who inspire you. Do some journaling, meditating, and brainstorming. Whatever gets you excited, do it! 

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard finding others in your immediate circle to relate to and collaborate with. I would LOVE for us all to be able to connect on here, so please leave a comment with links your business, where you’re from, and how you’re staying inspired!

Have an awesome weekend! 

-xo, Abby

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You’re Not Just a Broke College Student

¬†“If ‘I’m just a broke college student’ is your mantra, you’re not going to be partying with Cardi any time soon” -Abby Bly

By Abby Bly

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It’s time to stop holding yourself back

…Or, letting other people convince you that you should hold yourself back. I know it’s easy to give in to loved ones who want to offer their best advice, but the truth is that if the people giving you advice aren’t after the same set of goals, it may not be worth listening to.¬†

I’ve had to dodge loads of comments from others who’ve somehow determined my abilities for me. Friends tell me that I should plan on earning a crappy salary and lower my standards simply because I’m, “just a college student”. I kindly brush off those comments because to be candid, they’re just not true!¬†

By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll have two new skills that’ll help you manifest your financial goals and ignore any negative comments.¬†

“I’m just a broke college student”

I’m totally guilty of saying the above statement, because when you’re only working part-time (or not at all), it may feel impossible to get these “big fat checks” that Cardi B tells us about. But for real- I’m tired of hearing people talk about the inevitable struggle. If you constantly put your energy into focusing on how broke you are, how are you supposed to manifest any money? Anyways, if “I’m just a broke college student” is your mantra, you’re not going to be partying with Cardi any time soon.¬†

As a senior level college student, I feel like I’m being told the same old story constantly- that I’ll graduate with the realization that the world is hard, be inevitably poor & living with my parents, and scrape by until I can move out. Sorry, but I’m not operating on that frequency- and I hope you won’t either.¬†

Don’t get me wrong- by no means am I knocking the struggle. I totally believe in having to earn your desires and goals, and nobody said it would be easy. I’ve stayed living at home throughout my college career in order to save on housing. I’ve paid for more than half of my tuition all by myself out of pocket. However, manifestation is an important process for every area of your life. I set high intentions for my future, and you should too!

Changing Your Mindset 

money issues

I use the college student example because it relates to me, but no matter where you are in your current situation, we all could use a mindset shift. I’ve grown up with the view that money causes problems because like many, I grew up watching my parents struggle. If money problems are all you know as a result of your upbringing, you may get caught up in the belief that financial struggles are inevitable. Jen Sincero talks all about this concept in her book, You are a Badass at Making Money. This is one of my favorite books of all time, and I would highly recommend it to those who want to learn the most effective way to earn more $$.

If you imagine that money and opportunities are scarce, you’ll trick yourself into taking the easier route, telling yourself that you can’t accomplish your goals, and settling for the reality that appears in front of you. If you imagine that money and opportunities are well within reach, you’ll challenge yourself more, tell yourself that you can have anything you want, and ask for your dreams to become reality.


Pertaining to the above graphic, I had three job offers on the table last week. I accepted two of those offers, landing a promotion at my current job as well as a summer position offering nearly $8 more per hour than I made previously. But these opportunities didn’t happen by chance- they happened because I opened up to receive them. Prior to this I was scrambling to put in extra hours in and find side jobs, scraping by, and stressing out. If you’re solely focusing on thinking of the exact ways that you can earn more money, you’ll close off to the opportunities that are right in front of you. Stay open to opportunities, and don’t spend too much time stressing about where the money is coming from.¬†

It’s Not All About the Money¬†

When speaking about the desire to be financially prosperous, you may encounter others who will want to remind you that “there are other things more important than money”. A friend told me recently that she was confronted by a peer who boasted about the fact that while she didn’t earn as much money, her job was “more rewarding”. I totally agree that experiences are more valuable than currency, but is there some reason why we can’t live rewarding lives and be financially successful? Wouldn’t you be happier if you could afford to do more of what makes you.. happy?

Being financially stable isn’t all about being rich and greedy- just think about all of the things you would do if you had more money. For instance, I have dreams of moving into my own apartment downtown, helping my mom with her bills, being able to treat my friends and family to experiences and vacations, and donating. See, wanting more money doesn’t have to make you feel guilty. If your plan involves doing more for others, then how could being rich be bad?

An Exercise:  

43326578_028_bI guess you could call it a vision board, but I have pictures hanging all over my wall of things that inspire me. I bought some string and clips to hang my photos, and placed a Walgreens Photo order of matte finish pictures pulled from Pinterest and Google. 

My personal pictures include photos of Bora Bora (somewhere I’d love to visit), healthy meals (to inspire my wellness journey) apartments overlooking the city, and more. You may see pictures of your dream life on other people’s social media pages on a daily basis, but there’s no action involved with envying other people’s lives. Action comes in when you separate others from your dream life and imagine it as your own daily. Usually when I come home after work, I spend some time looking at each photo and remember the reason why I chose to hang it on my wall. Having more money will allow me to visit my dream destinations, eat healthier food, and find my dream apartment. I do my best to look at these photos each day not only to hold me accountable but motivate me to keep manifesting! The firefly string pictured left is from Urban Outfitters.

Your Homework Assignments

So, here are your first two homework assignments to start your money making journey:

  1. Start reading/listening to You are a Badass at Making Money
  2. Create your vision board- and it doesn’t have to be anything complicated! It can be as simple as hanging a few pictures or ideas to your wall

badass money
I hope that this post has helped some of you to see a new perspective on the subject of money! Don’t forget to share your stories in the comments, and connect with me on Instagram at¬†abby_bly¬†to show me your vision boards and your copy of You are a Badass at Making Money!¬†

Have an amazing rest of your week! 

-xo, Abby