Meal Prepping on a Budget | My Grocery List

By Abby Bly

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Eating healthy on a budget isn’t as hard as it seems

It’s time to finally start eating well, okurrr? No but really, If you’re tired of being bloated all the time and want to get ready for summer with me, then lets talk meal planning! Living with food allergies makes eating out and eating junk food all the more painful (I’m allergic to gluten), but even if you don’t have any dietary restrictions, eating what’s fast and cheap will leave you feeling sluggish, gross, and insecure. I know I’m not the only one who looks in the mirror and says, “this food baby is starting to look like a real baby” …right? (And no I’m not pregnant) but honestly, after a couple of weeks of eating clean, you’ll notice a huge difference not only in the way that you look, but how you feel, too!

My Grocery List

The best way to stay on track with your meal planning is to create lists and stay organized. I use the Trello app to create my meal plans, grocery lists, workouts, daily plans and more. I have 3 meal lists for breakfasts, lunches & dinners, and snacks. Before creating your grocery list, it’s important to come up with realistic meal ideas that you can easily prepare throughout the week. See below for my meal ideas: 

The List

Once you’ve planned your meals, you can now go through and create a list of items that are missing from your kitchen. I usually designate somewhere from $70-$100 every two weeks for groceries. If you’re not used to budgeting for groceries, especially as a college student, this may seem like a lot. In the long run, though, doing this sets good budgeting habits. Additionally, you have to be willing to take your health seriously in order to make this work. I promise it’s worth it! See my list below:

How to Effectively Meal Prep

I’m not really into the whole planning all your meals a week in advance thing.. am I the only one wondering how your food is gonna taste like on Friday if it was made on Monday? Anyways, I like to prep my meals 1-3 days in advance depending on what it is. Write down which meals will work best on which days so that you can thaw your Chicken accordingly, make sides ahead of time, or whatever else makes your meal prepping process easier. 

I usually do my cooking at night, so I’ll prepare my lunch for the next day while I’m making dinner. Sides like rice, sweet potatoes, and veggies can be made in bigger quantities and eaten over a couple of days, so prepare these dishes in multiple servings. 

My last tip.. containers! Invest in some plastic and or glass containers that will make it easier to prepare and transport meals. I have a 60 peice container set from amazon that has multiple different sizes, including small ones for sauces, and stack easily in the cupboard. I would highly recommend these for those just starting out meal prepping!

Share your lists with me!

Now that you have some new tools and ideas to get on track with meal prepping, share some of your meal ideas and prepping tips in the comments! I hope you guys have a great weekend!

-xo, Abby

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