Mighty Matcha: Iced Green Tea Latte Recipe

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By Abby Bly

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What is Matcha?

If you’ve never experienced the joy of sipping on a creamy, iced matcha latte, then you’re in for a treat! Matcha is basically powdered green tea leaves, so think of your morning green tea bag on steroids. When mixed with hot water, matcha can be made into a high-antioxidant tea. I discovered matcha for the first time in 2018, and I’ve since decided that it’s time to replace (some of) my coffee intake with this healthy, green power drink.

Clean Caffeine 

I know it seems crazy that anything could replace your morning cup of coffee (what else is gonna keep me from falling asleep at my desk, right?), but they say that matcha has the equivalent amount caffeine as coffee (about 30-35 mg). The difference between coffee and matcha? Well, there are several things, but the most important being that matcha provides clean, long lasting energy without the jitters. This is why matcha is great for those afternoon slumps, too.

Matcha is also very detoxifying and packed with antioxidants, so it’s great for many use cases, from weight-loss to preventing that winter cold (especially this time of year).

Matcha as Pre-workout

I’ve used a couple of different kinds of pre-workout before in attempts to give myself a boost of energy before my workout. The best pre-workout I’ve found so far, is matcha! Traditional pre-workouts may give you a hit of energy, but they personally leave me feeling anxious and jittery even after my workout is over. I usually sip on my matcha in the morning, about 30 minutes before my workout, and have lasting energy that doesn’t give me anxiety. If you already struggle with anxiety like I do, I would definitely give this a try! 

Tips to Remember: 

Matcha Type: Make sure that you choose a certified organic matcha leaf lcoxeqm3toolcp43e8bg2wpowder (I’d go for one that doesn’t use any added ingredients or sugar, too). Lately I’ve been a fan of the Navitas Organics Matcha Powder.

Assembly: For those who are unfamiliar with matcha, the key to a smooth, creamy latte is to make sure that you fully dissolve the matcha powder before assembling. There’s nothing worse than getting a chunk of matcha mid-sip! Some people recommend a bamboo whisk for blending the matcha, but since I don’t have one, a fork usually does the trick. As you could probably tell by the title, I prefer my matcha over ice. If you prefer a hot drink, you can of course heat up your choice of milk before blending everything together!

Iced Green Tea Latte Recipe


  • 1 teaspoon certified organic matcha leaf powder (I use Navitas Organics Matcha Powder from Whole Foods)
  • 1/2 cup boiling water
  • Tbsp Honey (or sweetener of your choice)
  • 1 Cup Milk of your choice (I do half coconut + half nut protein milk)
  • Glass or jar
  • Reusable metal straws – mine are from Bed Bath and Beyond

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  1. Add 1 tbsp matcha powder to a bowl + 1/2 cup of boiling water + your choice of sweetener (the honey melts into the hot water/matcha mixture, so I add it now). Use your fork or bamboo whisk to dissolve the matcha and honey into the water until smooth.

  4. Add a handful of ice and 1 cup of your choice of milk to your mason jar/glass
  5. Pour the matcha mixture into the milk, stir and enjoy!

That’s It!

If you’re looking to take better care of your immune system like me, matcha will be a great addition to your daily routine. Leave me a comment down below if you decide to try it for yourself! 

-xo, Abby

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