How to Afford Your Summer Wardrobe

By Abby Bly

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You love saving outfit ideas on Pinterest and Instagram, imagining yourself walking into social events in your new cute fits, and living out your style dream. But, when it comes time to shop, you exit your shopping cart at the last second or leave the store empty handed once you realize it’s time to pull out your wallet. When your first summer party rolls around, you’re still picking over pieces from last year, or even the one before that.. If this sounds familiar to you, lets talk budgeting, breaking bad habits, and improving your money mindset. It’s time to start owning your style! 

Breaking Bad Habits

nothing to wear

We all have our good and bad habits when it comes to money, and it’s not always spending too much that’s the problem. If you’re like me, you may have a habit of spending too much money in the wrong places, and too little in the right places. 

I know this may sound silly to some, but having my nails done makes me feel more like myself. As much as I always loved having acrylics, I would always complain about how they were so expensive to keep up and never got them done. I wouldn’t hesitate to spend lots of money out to eat or on coffee every day, but insisted that I just could not afford to keep up my nails. 

Similarly to my nails, keeping up my wardrobe and investing in wearable pieces has always been difficult for me. I would rarely allow myself to splurge on clothing and if I did, it was always on one or two pieces that I only wore a couple of times.

The trick to getting over this mindset? Your mindset (and your budget) has to make some room for your style. It’s time to stop feeling guilty about buying clothes, getting your nails done, etc. and start welcoming the abundance that will allow you to have more of what you want. And yes- I know that there are many who struggle to put dinner on the table, let alone worry about appearance. But, in my particular circumstance, it seemed silly for me to complain that I couldn’t afford to be smarter with my money- and I’m sure some of you can relate! 

Starting Fresh

Sis, if you haven’t worn it in the last 6 months, you’re not gonna wear it! I can’t even tell you how many years have gone by with the same old stuff sitting in my closet and me thinking, “but, what if I need it?!” even if I’ve worn it maybe once since I got it. Spring is upon us, and now’s the time to clean out your closet to make room for your new pieces! I did this recently and it feels so good to make space for the new and get rid of the old. It’s like shedding a negative energy. Please do this! 


Mainstreem Nails Denver

When I was ready to start investing in my nails, I sat down and budgeted how much of each paycheck I would need to keep them up. As I started making outfits and spending more $$ on clothes, I decided which pieces I could afford with this paycheck, and save other items for the next one. The key here, too, is to make outfits. This may seem like a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought pieces that were cute or trendy but failed to realize that these weren’t staple pieces. 

Stop Feeling Guilty

Lastly, if you grew up in a household like mine, you’re probably an expert on being frugal. Unless it’s absolutely necessary, it’s “ridiculous” to spend money on it, and you can probably just find something similar at the thrift store, right? Even though I still love hitting up Goodwill from time to time, it’s been hard for me to allow myself to own my style because it’s always been viewed as a luxury. As long as you’re capable of budgeting and being intentional about your shopping, it is okay to let your inner style guru out. Ignore the judgement that comes with owning your style and spending your money. If it makes you happy, do it!!

Hopefully this will leave you with some style inspo for the week 💖 talk to you soon!

-xo, Abby

Meal Prepping on a Budget | My Grocery List

By Abby Bly

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Eating healthy on a budget isn’t as hard as it seems

It’s time to finally start eating well, okurrr? No but really, If you’re tired of being bloated all the time and want to get ready for summer with me, then lets talk meal planning! Living with food allergies makes eating out and eating junk food all the more painful (I’m allergic to gluten), but even if you don’t have any dietary restrictions, eating what’s fast and cheap will leave you feeling sluggish, gross, and insecure. I know I’m not the only one who looks in the mirror and says, “this food baby is starting to look like a real baby” …right? (And no I’m not pregnant) but honestly, after a couple of weeks of eating clean, you’ll notice a huge difference not only in the way that you look, but how you feel, too!

My Grocery List

The best way to stay on track with your meal planning is to create lists and stay organized. I use the Trello app to create my meal plans, grocery lists, workouts, daily plans and more. I have 3 meal lists for breakfasts, lunches & dinners, and snacks. Before creating your grocery list, it’s important to come up with realistic meal ideas that you can easily prepare throughout the week. See below for my meal ideas: 

The List

Once you’ve planned your meals, you can now go through and create a list of items that are missing from your kitchen. I usually designate somewhere from $70-$100 every two weeks for groceries. If you’re not used to budgeting for groceries, especially as a college student, this may seem like a lot. In the long run, though, doing this sets good budgeting habits. Additionally, you have to be willing to take your health seriously in order to make this work. I promise it’s worth it! See my list below:

How to Effectively Meal Prep

I’m not really into the whole planning all your meals a week in advance thing.. am I the only one wondering how your food is gonna taste like on Friday if it was made on Monday? Anyways, I like to prep my meals 1-3 days in advance depending on what it is. Write down which meals will work best on which days so that you can thaw your Chicken accordingly, make sides ahead of time, or whatever else makes your meal prepping process easier. 

I usually do my cooking at night, so I’ll prepare my lunch for the next day while I’m making dinner. Sides like rice, sweet potatoes, and veggies can be made in bigger quantities and eaten over a couple of days, so prepare these dishes in multiple servings. 

My last tip.. containers! Invest in some plastic and or glass containers that will make it easier to prepare and transport meals. I have a 60 peice container set from amazon that has multiple different sizes, including small ones for sauces, and stack easily in the cupboard. I would highly recommend these for those just starting out meal prepping!

Share your lists with me!

Now that you have some new tools and ideas to get on track with meal prepping, share some of your meal ideas and prepping tips in the comments! I hope you guys have a great weekend!

-xo, Abby

Start Killing Your Workouts With These Fitness Tips

By Abby Bly

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As I was scrolling through Instagram last week, I was stopped by one of @ilanamuhlstein ‘s posts, reminding me that its REALLY only been 6 weeks since we set those New Year’s resolutions… crazy right? Now, if you’ve fallen off of your resolutions more quickly than you thought (or forgotten them all together), just know it’s never too late to get back on board! 

Remember my first blog post back in January when I talked about how fitness is on the top of everyone’s list regarding New Year’s resolutions? Well, I’m here to give you some tips for staying on track and building a routine that works best for you. If you’re having a hard time sticking to your workout plans, you might just be doing the wrong stuff! 

Finding the Right Routine

It’s important to remember that everyone is at a different stage in their fitness journey, and what one person is doing may not work for another. For instance, if you started your gym membership but absolutely hate going, you might be more successful with a different type of workout. I want to mention that when I say “you hate going to the gym”, I’m not just referring to the common struggle of being tempted to skip a workout. Sometimes I may not want to go to the gym, but I’m always happier once I get there. But, if you’re completely miserable with your gym routine, it might be worth a shot to try something new!

Fitness Classes


I’ve mentioned Class Pass on here before, but I would definitely recommend it to those who get bored with their fitness routine easily. They have several different memberships available- mine is $39 per month which is equal to about 3-5 classes, so you can switch up your routine every week. For a little extra $$, you can increase your number of credits & classes. They offer all different types of classes like yoga, boxing, spin, pilates, dance and more, so you’ll never get bored of your routine! 

At Home Workouts

I wanted to include some resources for the busy moms/students/multiple-job-workers out there, too. When I first started my fitness journey, at home workouts were my go-to! Some basic at home equipment like a yoga mat, booty resistance bands, and dumbbells will come in handy. I love @danimunozfit workout guides, and she has a great at home guide available here: AT HOME FULL BODY GUIDE. She also sells resistance bands, so be sure to check them out! 

Aligning with Your Body’s Needs

As mentioned, each person is going to have different goals & needs when it comes to body type. One thing that goes for everyone, though, is the importance of your diet. No matter how much you lift, run, or stretch, you won’t notice lasting results unless you’re fueling your body with nutrients and drinking lots of water. Maintaining a balanced diet is where most people struggle, but it’s really the most important part. Keep on the lookout for my grocery shopping list, coming next week! 

Aside from diet, it’s important to recognize your body’s needs and align your routine with your personal goals. I’ve personally always been skinny/scrawny naturally, so my routine usually involves more lifting than cardio. If your goal is to lose weight and tone up, your ratio might be a bit different, doing more cardio than lifting. If you’re unsure of what routine is best for you, you may want to consult with a personal trainer who can better help you with aligning your goals/needs. At Planet Fitness, you can get connected with a personal trainer included with your membership!

Planning Workouts and Tracking Progress

Planning your workouts will keep you more organized and motivated, and tracking your progress will allow you to notice how far you’ve come! Since we’re looking at our bodies every day, it’s sometimes hard to notice progress even when it’s right in front of us. Taking “before” photos is a great way to keep yourself motivated! I usually write down all of my meals and workout plans on Sunday’s so that I’m set up for success throughout my week.

fitness journal

I Challenge You! 

Today is the perfect day to start fresh! I challenge you to choose 1 or 2 items I’ve mentioned in this post to help you improve your health and fitness routine- start writing your next grocery list, rethink your fitness routine, or whatever feels doable and right for you! 

I hope you have an incredible, productive week ahead! Talk to you next week💖

-xo, Abby

Love Yourself a Little Extra This Valentine’s Day

By Abby Bly

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Does anyone else remember being in grade school during V-day? It was fun getting to put together your cute valentine’s box.. until you didn’t find a piece of candy from your crush at the end of the parade. We’re taught from such a young age that Valentine’s Day is all about receiving recognition from someone we admire. So, we can’t blame ourselves too much for being disappointed spending February 14th alone. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love any excuse to celebrate life and love, so what better excuse than Valentine’s day? But there were times when I wish someone had told me that the best way to fall in love is to fall in love with yourself. 

Nowadays, my top priorities are working hard, reaching my goals, and taking care of myself. I’m so grateful to have my now boyfriend, who is so supportive of my dreams and accompanies me in life. But truthfully, things wouldn’t have fallen into place like they did had I spent much time focusing on my insecurities rather than my passions and self love. 

Whether you’re in a relationship or not, I have some great Valentine’s day rituals that will help you to start your journey of self love!

Valentine’s Day Self Love Guide 2019

v bath 2 
1. If you want roses, buy roses!

And this doesn’t mean just on Valentine’s day- roses carry a high vibration that can uplift your energy vibration just by having them in your space. Plus, with all of the flowers, candy, and gifts surrounding us during this time of year, why not just splurge a little on yourself? You don’t need a man to buy you these things in order for Valentines day to “count”. The gifts don’t have to be typical, either, if that’s not what you’re into. The point is to treat yourself- order takeout or cook your favorite meal, put your favorite shows and/or movies on, buy that pair of shoes you’ve had your eye on. Do something that shows appreciation for yourself and makes you happy! 

2. Self Care

peachyI know self care is different for everyone, but pampering yourself is a good way to start. My routine consists of running a hot bath with some Lush products, putting on a face mask, shaving my legs, moisturizing, etc. because it’s so comforting to me. If that’s not really your style, maybe curling up in bed with a good book and some tea sounds more like your scene. Whatever calms and centers you- start there! 

As someone who’s struggled with anxiety and self image, it’s clear that self care doesn’t stop at doing a face mask or having down time. It all goes back to loving yourself, so maybe now’s the perfect time to find that therapist or life coach that you know you need, but haven’t taken the time to schedule. The other thing about Valentine’s Day is that it comes once a year, but you should set the intention to love yourself always! 

self care

3. Valentine’s Ritual

This Valentine’s Day ritual will help you set the intention of self love. I love doing stuff like this too because it keeps me inspired and motivated! I recommend the following items: 

  1. A candle
  2. 3 pieces of paper & a pen
  3. Your favorite rose quartz rose quartz
  • To start, light your candle, hold your rose quartz in your hand, and take a few moments to meditate. For beginners, meditation may last only 3-5 minutes, but may be longer for others. Meditate for as long as you can/need! Take a few deep breaths, and try to think of a few things you’re thankful for. A tip I learned from Jen Cincero is to stare at the candle flame rather than closing your eyes, if this works better for you.
  • After meditating, begin with your first sheet of paper, and write down 5 personal goals. These could be, “To love myself more”, “To take better care of my body” etc. 
  • On the second sheet of paper, write down 5 new good habits that will help you to reach each of your 5 goals. These could be, “I’m going to tell myself I look beautiful each morning before work”, “I’m going to drink 60oz of water per day”
  • On the third sheet of paper, write down 5 bad habits that you’re going to stop doing in order to reach your new goals. These could be, “I’m no longer going to say things like ‘I’m not pretty'”, “I’m not going to have soda with lunch anymore”
  • Now, take your sheet of “bad habits” and tear it up, disposing of the papers however you wish
  • Put the new goals and good habits somewhere you’ll see them each day to remind yourself 

That’s it! It’s a simple ritual, but it will help you to identify new goals, strengths, and barriers that may be standing in your way. Rose quartz is the stone of the heart, so it’s perfect to accompany you in your self love ritual this V-day. I also like having the candle simply for relaxation and aromatherapy! 

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Whatever you do this Valentine’s day, make sure it involves a little self love. Happy V-day, beautiful! 

-xo, Abby

Life of an Entrepreneur: Dealing with the downers and staying motivated

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by Abby Bly | Follow me on Insta 💕 

Over the last few years I’ve heard dozens of stories of young entrepreneurs who didn’t fit in at school, dropped out, and now run highly successful businesses. No matter how much I felt like these success stories resonated with me, dropping out of college didn’t feel right for me. I’ve really valued my education, and I feel like it has taught me things I never would have known about running a business. 

However, I still feel like the “typical” classroom setting has never been a place where I fit in. I remember as a kid my mom would tell me the same old story after every parent-teacher conference: that I spent too much time daydreaming during class. I would be completely lying if I said that still wasn’t the case as a senior in college all these years later.

Don’t get me wrong- I get good grades and participate in my classes, but what sets me apart from my peers is certainly my time spent “daydreaming”.

They Just Don’t Get It

Have you ever been frustrated while talking about your plans or ideas with friends and family? Let’s be honest, it sucks when you’re talking about a business plan, blog, or project that lights you up only to get an “eh” response. 

What’s worse is when you go to those same people seeking advice or support and they hit you with the “realist” approach. As much as your friends and family might love you, if they don’t have the same entrepreneurial mindset, their responses are likely going to disappoint.

IMG_6221To fix this dilemma? You have to protect your dreams and goals, and the best way to do this is to keep them to yourself. Of course, if you do have those few people that you trust, feel free to brainstorm with them. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that nobody will be as truly excited about your dreams than you! 


Avoiding Unwanted Input


I went through a period of time where I would ask others for their opinion on almost every piece of content I uploaded. The best way to avoid unwanted input is to stop asking for it! Seems pretty simple, right? But for many entrepreneurs starting out, asking for other’s opinions and input is often perceived as a means for getting feedback. Feedback is surely important, especially when it’s coming from people who are already doing what you want to do, or directly from your customer base. But from a friend or peer who doesn’t really understand what you’re doing? Not so much.

It’s important to write your own plans, do your own research, and most importantly, experiment. You’re going to have to start believing in your work if you want to make this happen, so just go for it. Post the picture, promotion, website, blog post etc. and see what kind of response you get from your customers. If it doesn’t do as well as you’d hoped, you now have proof of what you should do more or less of, and what changes to make. If you spend all of your time asking others what they think of your work, you’re placing your potential in their hands, not yours. 

If You Believe in Yourself, Others Will Too

89dd2d0b20dfd68b0eb73516f6c53633Many creators, including myself, get discouraged especially when it comes to likes, followers, and website traffic. The number one way to make people take you seriously? Confidence. For example, when I started my blog page, I didn’t tell anyone about it. I didn’t ask for opinions. I kept that energy for myself, and the response I got when my first post went up was incredible! Had I second guessed myself or asked for others input, my content might have been more filtered and less genuine. Moral of the story is, when you show off your work with confidence, people are more likely to respect it. 

Another great example of this comes from Cara Alwill Leyba, a favorite author of mine. In her book, Like She Owns the Place: Give Yourself the Gift of Confidence and Ignite Your Inner Magic, she tells the story of when she first quit her full-time job to pursue her personal business full-time. After quitting her job, old coworkers, friends, and peers complimented her on how good she looked, asking what kind of foundation she was wearing and if she had lost weight. As Cara explains, during this time she had actually gained a few pounds, and wasn’t wearing much makeup at all.

I love this story because it proves that beauty and acceptance isn’t a matter of outward appearance. People will perceive you as beautiful simply because of your confident glow, and we should all be wearing that look!

Staying Motivated 

It’s okay to get discouraged or have a bad day- you can’t ignore your emotions. You might have days when you feel totally uninspired. But in the words of Elbert Hubbard, “There is no failure except in no longer trying.”

When I’m feeling uninspired, I try to accept it. Take a bubble bath, watch a good show, and indulge in what makes you happiest. By stressing and forcing yourself to create when you’re not feeling like yourself, you’ll only produce uninspired work. Take some time to listen to your intuition, and you’ll come back feeling more inspired than ever.

To get the creative juices flowing again, invest some time into your creative side. Read, watch, and listen to other creators who inspire you. Do some journaling, meditating, and brainstorming. Whatever gets you excited, do it! 

As an entrepreneur, it can be hard finding others in your immediate circle to relate to and collaborate with. I would LOVE for us all to be able to connect on here, so please leave a comment with links your business, where you’re from, and how you’re staying inspired!

Have an awesome weekend! 

-xo, Abby

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You’re Not Just a Broke College Student

 “If ‘I’m just a broke college student’ is your mantra, you’re not going to be partying with Cardi any time soon” -Abby Bly

By Abby Bly

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It’s time to stop holding yourself back

…Or, letting other people convince you that you should hold yourself back. I know it’s easy to give in to loved ones who want to offer their best advice, but the truth is that if the people giving you advice aren’t after the same set of goals, it may not be worth listening to. 

I’ve had to dodge loads of comments from others who’ve somehow determined my abilities for me. Friends tell me that I should plan on earning a crappy salary and lower my standards simply because I’m, “just a college student”. I kindly brush off those comments because to be candid, they’re just not true! 

By the time you’ve finished reading this post, you’ll have two new skills that’ll help you manifest your financial goals and ignore any negative comments. 

“I’m just a broke college student”

I’m totally guilty of saying the above statement, because when you’re only working part-time (or not at all), it may feel impossible to get these “big fat checks” that Cardi B tells us about. But for real- I’m tired of hearing people talk about the inevitable struggle. If you constantly put your energy into focusing on how broke you are, how are you supposed to manifest any money? Anyways, if “I’m just a broke college student” is your mantra, you’re not going to be partying with Cardi any time soon. 

As a senior level college student, I feel like I’m being told the same old story constantly- that I’ll graduate with the realization that the world is hard, be inevitably poor & living with my parents, and scrape by until I can move out. Sorry, but I’m not operating on that frequency- and I hope you won’t either. 

Don’t get me wrong- by no means am I knocking the struggle. I totally believe in having to earn your desires and goals, and nobody said it would be easy. I’ve stayed living at home throughout my college career in order to save on housing. I’ve paid for more than half of my tuition all by myself out of pocket. However, manifestation is an important process for every area of your life. I set high intentions for my future, and you should too!

Changing Your Mindset 

money issues

I use the college student example because it relates to me, but no matter where you are in your current situation, we all could use a mindset shift. I’ve grown up with the view that money causes problems because like many, I grew up watching my parents struggle. If money problems are all you know as a result of your upbringing, you may get caught up in the belief that financial struggles are inevitable. Jen Sincero talks all about this concept in her book, You are a Badass at Making Money. This is one of my favorite books of all time, and I would highly recommend it to those who want to learn the most effective way to earn more $$.

If you imagine that money and opportunities are scarce, you’ll trick yourself into taking the easier route, telling yourself that you can’t accomplish your goals, and settling for the reality that appears in front of you. If you imagine that money and opportunities are well within reach, you’ll challenge yourself more, tell yourself that you can have anything you want, and ask for your dreams to become reality.


Pertaining to the above graphic, I had three job offers on the table last week. I accepted two of those offers, landing a promotion at my current job as well as a summer position offering nearly $8 more per hour than I made previously. But these opportunities didn’t happen by chance- they happened because I opened up to receive them. Prior to this I was scrambling to put in extra hours in and find side jobs, scraping by, and stressing out. If you’re solely focusing on thinking of the exact ways that you can earn more money, you’ll close off to the opportunities that are right in front of you. Stay open to opportunities, and don’t spend too much time stressing about where the money is coming from. 

It’s Not All About the Money 

When speaking about the desire to be financially prosperous, you may encounter others who will want to remind you that “there are other things more important than money”. A friend told me recently that she was confronted by a peer who boasted about the fact that while she didn’t earn as much money, her job was “more rewarding”. I totally agree that experiences are more valuable than currency, but is there some reason why we can’t live rewarding lives and be financially successful? Wouldn’t you be happier if you could afford to do more of what makes you.. happy?

Being financially stable isn’t all about being rich and greedy- just think about all of the things you would do if you had more money. For instance, I have dreams of moving into my own apartment downtown, helping my mom with her bills, being able to treat my friends and family to experiences and vacations, and donating. See, wanting more money doesn’t have to make you feel guilty. If your plan involves doing more for others, then how could being rich be bad?

An Exercise:  

43326578_028_bI guess you could call it a vision board, but I have pictures hanging all over my wall of things that inspire me. I bought some string and clips to hang my photos, and placed a Walgreens Photo order of matte finish pictures pulled from Pinterest and Google. 

My personal pictures include photos of Bora Bora (somewhere I’d love to visit), healthy meals (to inspire my wellness journey) apartments overlooking the city, and more. You may see pictures of your dream life on other people’s social media pages on a daily basis, but there’s no action involved with envying other people’s lives. Action comes in when you separate others from your dream life and imagine it as your own daily. Usually when I come home after work, I spend some time looking at each photo and remember the reason why I chose to hang it on my wall. Having more money will allow me to visit my dream destinations, eat healthier food, and find my dream apartment. I do my best to look at these photos each day not only to hold me accountable but motivate me to keep manifesting! The firefly string pictured left is from Urban Outfitters.

Your Homework Assignments

So, here are your first two homework assignments to start your money making journey:

  1. Start reading/listening to You are a Badass at Making Money
  2. Create your vision board- and it doesn’t have to be anything complicated! It can be as simple as hanging a few pictures or ideas to your wall

badass money
I hope that this post has helped some of you to see a new perspective on the subject of money! Don’t forget to share your stories in the comments, and connect with me on Instagram at abby_bly to show me your vision boards and your copy of You are a Badass at Making Money! 

Have an amazing rest of your week! 

-xo, Abby

Mighty Matcha: Iced Green Tea Latte Recipe

 “Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.” -Unknown

By Abby Bly

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What is Matcha?

If you’ve never experienced the joy of sipping on a creamy, iced matcha latte, then you’re in for a treat! Matcha is basically powdered green tea leaves, so think of your morning green tea bag on steroids. When mixed with hot water, matcha can be made into a high-antioxidant tea. I discovered matcha for the first time in 2018, and I’ve since decided that it’s time to replace (some of) my coffee intake with this healthy, green power drink.

Clean Caffeine 

I know it seems crazy that anything could replace your morning cup of coffee (what else is gonna keep me from falling asleep at my desk, right?), but they say that matcha has the equivalent amount caffeine as coffee (about 30-35 mg). The difference between coffee and matcha? Well, there are several things, but the most important being that matcha provides clean, long lasting energy without the jitters. This is why matcha is great for those afternoon slumps, too.

Matcha is also very detoxifying and packed with antioxidants, so it’s great for many use cases, from weight-loss to preventing that winter cold (especially this time of year).

Matcha as Pre-workout

I’ve used a couple of different kinds of pre-workout before in attempts to give myself a boost of energy before my workout. The best pre-workout I’ve found so far, is matcha! Traditional pre-workouts may give you a hit of energy, but they personally leave me feeling anxious and jittery even after my workout is over. I usually sip on my matcha in the morning, about 30 minutes before my workout, and have lasting energy that doesn’t give me anxiety. If you already struggle with anxiety like I do, I would definitely give this a try! 

Tips to Remember: 

Matcha Type: Make sure that you choose a certified organic matcha leaf lcoxeqm3toolcp43e8bg2wpowder (I’d go for one that doesn’t use any added ingredients or sugar, too). Lately I’ve been a fan of the Navitas Organics Matcha Powder.

Assembly: For those who are unfamiliar with matcha, the key to a smooth, creamy latte is to make sure that you fully dissolve the matcha powder before assembling. There’s nothing worse than getting a chunk of matcha mid-sip! Some people recommend a bamboo whisk for blending the matcha, but since I don’t have one, a fork usually does the trick. As you could probably tell by the title, I prefer my matcha over ice. If you prefer a hot drink, you can of course heat up your choice of milk before blending everything together!

Iced Green Tea Latte Recipe


  • 1 teaspoon certified organic matcha leaf powder (I use Navitas Organics Matcha Powder from Whole Foods)
  • 1/2 cup boiling water
  • Tbsp Honey (or sweetener of your choice)
  • 1 Cup Milk of your choice (I do half coconut + half nut protein milk)
  • Glass or jar
  • Reusable metal straws – mine are from Bed Bath and Beyond

Processed with VSCO with fr4 preset


  1. Add 1 tbsp matcha powder to a bowl + 1/2 cup of boiling water + your choice of sweetener (the honey melts into the hot water/matcha mixture, so I add it now). Use your fork or bamboo whisk to dissolve the matcha and honey into the water until smooth.

  4. Add a handful of ice and 1 cup of your choice of milk to your mason jar/glass
  5. Pour the matcha mixture into the milk, stir and enjoy!

That’s It!

If you’re looking to take better care of your immune system like me, matcha will be a great addition to your daily routine. Leave me a comment down below if you decide to try it for yourself! 

-xo, Abby

How to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

“Create a life that feels good on the inside, not one that just looks good on the outside.” -Unknown

By Abby Bly

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Starting Your Journey

I never used to be a fan of New Years- some due to post Christmas depression, and some because New Years resolutions always seemed silly to me. Why only set goals one time a year? But the truth is, any excuse to seek growth and set new goals is good one, and what better time than the start of a new year? My only suggestion is to continue goal setting and holding yourself accountable all year long, not just on January 1st! 

Following your dreams and achieving your daily goals is certainly not a one-size fits all endeavor, but hopefully some of my personal goals as well as materials that have helped me in my personal growth over the last year can help you, too.  

It is important to remember that each of us are in our own stage when it comes to personal development. Whether you’re just starting out or have been on your journey for a few months or even years, there’s still so much learning and growing ahead!

Here’s how to make 2019 your best year ever:

1. Reaching Your Health/Fitness Goals

Striving to become more healthy and fit has to be one of the most sought after New Years resolutions, and with good reason! Of course we all want to look better and feel more comfortable in our bodies, but what’s even more important is that we feel good inside and take care of our health. This is your one and only body, and wanting to take better care of it is a great way to kick off the new year!


Pictured left is me in 2015, looking as bloated and unhealthy as I’ve ever been. Four years later, pictured right, I’m heading into 2019 in my healthiest body to date. Here are some of my tips and inspirations to reaching your fitness goals in 2019:

My favorite fitness bloggers:

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 9.20.18 PMTammy Hembrow: I discovered Tammy during my freshman year of college, and I can’t even begin to explain how much her page has inspired me! Seeing her photos and videos pushed me to start my journey, and still keeps me motivated today! Plus- her kids are super cute!

She has a great fitness app and posts workouts on her YouTube channel as well. Tammy’s Instagram: @tammyhembrow

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 9.21.48 PMDani Munoz: If you’re looking for an affordable fitness/nutrition guide that will show real results, Dani has several guides for booty building, nutrition, and whole body workouts at just $15! I’ve been following her Summer Body Guide for about 4 months now, and just purchased the Lower Body Guide Vol. 1. You can purchase her guides at: Danimunozfit Guides

Dani’s Instagram: @danimunozfit


Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 9.23.28 PMI discovered @jujuworks a few months ago, and I love watching her “save for later” instagram tutorials. If you’re looking for daily fitness inspiration with some workout videos in the mix, I would definitely recommend her page!

Her Instagram page is linked above! xo

How I stay fit:

ClassPass: I just started using ClassPass for the first time in December and I love it! I love going to the gym and lifting as I’m trying to build my figure, but it does get old sometimes. At $35/month with ClassPass, I can switch things up during the week by going to yoga or a Pilates

If you’re not a gym junkie or you’re looking for a more interactive way to get fit, I would give ClassPass a try. The other great thing about fitness classes? Having an instructor and other class-goers will hold you accountable and guide you throughout your workout!

Planet Fitness:

If you’re looking for a judgement free workout zone to start your fitness journey, I would definitely recommend Planet Fitness. They’re dedicated to creating a comfortable, non-judgmental environment for their clients, which is why I’ve stayed for almost two years now! 

If you’ve ever walked into a gym for the first time and felt intimidated- you’re not alone. It can feel awkward and silly at times trying out new equipment and movements, but once you get the hang of things, you’ll wonder why you didn’t go sooner- I promise! And at just $10 for their basic membership, there’s no excuse not to give it a try. I love this gym!

planet fitness

Their Website:

2. Drink Lots of Water

I know, this goes along with health and fitness too. But I like to list drinking lots of water as a separate category because even if you’re eating well and exercising regularly, drinking water might be missing from your daily routine. 175797348-56a1316c3df78cf77268495a

I’m totally guilty of not drinking enough water, which is why this item is high on my list. I normally go through “phases” when it comes to drinking water; I’ll go through a period where I’m filling my water bottle several times a day, to barely having a glass of water by the time I go to bed. 

hydro flakOne thing’s for sure, when I have a favorite water bottle that’s easy to bring with me, I tend to be much more consistent drinking water throughout the day! So, my recommendation is to go out and find a new water bottle that you love, if this is something you struggle with, too. I have a new Hydro Flask on it’s way in the mail to encourage me to keep up with this goal, but there are so many cute brands to choose from!

3. Daily Meditation

What even is meditation? I found myself asking this question again and again when I first started my journey of self improvement. I struggled to understand the purpose of meditation, let alone how to use it to my advantage. And once I finally did, I “didn’t have time” to sit down and meditate, even when I knew I needed to. meditation

To me, meditation is simply taking the time to quiet your mind and connect with yourself, your purpose, and universal intelligence (if that’s something you believe in, in some form or another). Spending even 5 minutes a day in a quiet place, eyes closed, focusing only on the movement of your breath can make a huge difference in your daily life. If you’re having a hard time getting the hang of meditation, guided meditation can be really helpful. There are several guided meditation apps and videos out there as well as meditation classes. See a couple of my favorite guided meditation apps below!

My favorite guided meditation apps: 

headspaceHeadspace: Headspace is a great app for those practicing meditation at all levels. When I first started out, their guided meditation exercises helped me to focus and connect more each time I sat down. I would highly recommend this one for beginners!

Another favorite is called BetterMe: Calm, Sleep, Meditate: I found this appme. recently and have been trying it out for a week or so and honestly.. I love it! It has several meditation “Journeys” and other exercises to relieve stress, calm anger, and fall asleep faster. It does come with a yearly fee, but it seems well worth it! I’ll keep you all updated on my success with the app as I continue with it. 

hj,x1000-bg,f8f8f8.u2As of recently, I’ve involved journaling into my meditation practice, too. I’ll write down something I’m grateful for, some positive affirmations, or even something that’s bothering me before/after I meditate. This helps to keep track of your thoughts and really allow you to use meditation for clearing your thoughts and finding peace within each situation. What’s even more fun is getting to choose a cute journal!

4. Self Improvement Books

If you’re looking to start shifting your mindset while getting a daily dose of motivation, I would recommend looking into some “self improvement” books. I know some people think that the notion of “self help” is corny, but if you’re really looking to make some improvements in your life, you might as well give it a try.

If you’re not big on reading (I’ve never been a reader) then audio-books are a great option. I typically like to listen while I’m commuting to work (I’m usually in the car for around 2 hours per day). It’s also a nice change when you’re not in the mood to listen to music, or need a motivational boost throughout the day. I enjoy listening to my books on the app, but a hard copy is great if you’re a traditional reader!


Jen Sincero is one of my favorite authors of all time. Not only is her You are a Badass series inspiring, but her books will give you the much needed “kick in the pants” to stop making excuses and live your best possible life. My favorite thing about her audio-books is that she reads them herself, so you really get a sense of her perspective and get to know her.

The original You are a Badass has helped me with my confidence in ways that I will be forever grateful for. If you’re struggling with self love or being motivated to live your fullest life, I would definitely recommend. This was the first of Jen’s books that I listened to, and I’m so happy I did! 

Next, You are a Badass at Making Money is one that I re-play over an over again. Whether you’re struggling with debt, feeling guilty about wanting to make more money, or simply need some insight on how to increase your income, this book is amazing. I’ve been able to manage my money and understand how to achieve financial abundance through this book, and I’ll never stop listening. 

Finally, her most recent book, You are a Badass Every Day, is a great place to start if you’re looking for a “short and sweet” book that will help you shift your mindset and affirmations. It’s only around and hour-and-a-half long, and has several great exercises on how to be a badass every single day. 

girl codeThis last book is one of the first I ever listened to, and one of the main reasons I started my “self-help” journey. Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba is for the girly girl who needs that extra kick, inspiration, and motivation to be everything that she wants to be. Even if you’re not super girly, there are many great lessons in this book for aspiring female entrepreneurs. This is one of those “feel good” self improvement books for me. I’ll play this one if I’m having a tough week or need some words of wisdom after a long day. 

One Last Tip: 

The most important part of implementing your resolutions is to stay consistent. Instead of looking at your whole list of goals, see how you can implement each one into your day in small pieces. If you bite off more than you can chew, you may end up feeling discouraged. Once these items become a regular part of your day, they won’t seem so daunting!

Leave your New Years resolutions down below and let me know how you’re revealing a healthier, happier you in 2019! 

Happy New Year!

– xo, Abby